Included in the kit

Hoek 90
60,00 ex VAT

Angle 90°

Schroefbank tafel
70,00 ex VAT

Screw table

Hoek 45° Copy
25,00 ex VAT

Angle 45°

Boog aanslag A
25,00 ex VAT

Curve stop A

Boog aanslag B
25,00 ex VAT

Curve stop B

lange aanslaglat
35,00 ex VAT

Large stop bar

Medium aanslaglat
25,00 ex VAT

Medium stop bar

Korte aanslaglat
9,00 ex VAT

Small stop bar

25,00 ex VAT


More kits

lastafel toebehoren
725,00 ex VAT

Set tools

37 parts
XL Tools kit
1435,00 ex VAT

XL Tools kit

57 parts

Highest quality

Price, quality, solid frame

35 jaar ervaring

35 years of experience

2nd generation metal processing company


Highest accuracy

Small customisation or larger construction works, these welding tables allow you to work with great precision.

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